Amber Price 
Psychic Medium, Spiritual Growth Coach, Life Coach, Speaker
Spiritual Excellence Halo Gala, The Sapphire Association

Spiritual Growth Coach, Life Coach, Host of Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards

Amber Price, One of Canada's Top Psychic Mediums

Amber Price one of Canada's Top Psychic Mediums

As a Medium, Amber can communicate with those that have passed over, as well as Guides and Angels delivering intuitive messages. Psychic messages, including current and future events, are also available and may naturally be communicated during a Medium Reading.


As long as Amber can remember she was always aware of spirit and that has developed, over the years, to become what it is today!If she could use her experiences to let someone else know that they are not alone and that there are people who will help others no matter what they have experienced or what decisions they have made, then she feels that this is what she is meant to do, and will do it!


Here are the ways Amber can connect:

Clairvoyance- seeing images like pictures, motion like movies, flashes of light and colour

Claircognizance- knowing of information and messages to deliver

Clairsentience- feeling (touch, pain, tingling, warmth, and cold sensations)

Clairaudience- hearing voice, sound, music

Clairgustance- messages include the ability to taste

Clairalience- ability to have the sense of smell during messages

Empath- sensitive to other people's energy and emotions near and far

Amber is acutely sensitive to receiving energy! Due to this very reason, Amber will be offering private and shared sessions via phone or video calls more frequently than in-person. Large groups or events will be available in person.

In addition to providing readings, business team building, and spiritual coaching to help others discover their purpose and live to the highest level of fulfillment, her and her husband are enjoying their growing family of five children,  one grandchild (another on the way) and their beloved feline fur babies! Through those experiences in her life, her Angels have lead her to offer "Discover ~ Parent with Spirit" and "Explore & Enhance your Spirituality" Programs. Additionally, Amber provides Reiki treatments to benefit the body, mind, spirit. Amber has been guided to host an award gala, "Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards", to honour and acknowledge the exemplary work of Spiritual and Holistic Practitioners in Canada. Through this work, as one of Canada's Top Psychic Mediums, Amber's hope is to strengthen the ties among the Canadian Spiritual Community and to enhance the awareness of spirituality and mindfulness in our lives. As the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of The Sapphire Association, Amber's vision is supporting inspirational women, entrepreneurs or business owners, who continue to innovate and revolutionize the Spiritual, Holistic and Creative Industries through this membership community. 

Her family has always been her biggest support and encourages her Spiritual Journey, Being truly grateful for them, they make it possible for her to do what she does ~ helping others. 

Amber is honoured to have met such amazing people along the way, and have been able to touch their lives with messages or coaching services. Amber has provided services for a wide variety of people ranging from Business Owners and Community Leaders, actors from CTVs hit shows, successful Musicians and Recording Artists, and fellow Mediums from all over the WORLD... to name a few. Amber has appeared as a guest on radio with "Country 89", "CRNC The Heat" and "4680q Your City- Your Voice" and on the YouTube Channel - "Giant FM; The Gifted Onez"-to discuss life as a Psychic Medium and Energy. Amber is the Host of "Sapphire Souls" on Moonstruck TV & A1R Radio Productions. Amber is known for her accuracy and attention to detail. Amber enjoys meeting new people and bringing them peace through messages sent by their loved ones, angels, and guides. Whether she is asked to a group of people, or is in a one-on-one session, Amber also benefits from the messages, and never misses an opportunity for her own soul growth!

Amber is a member of Spiritual Niagara, an online community that allows her to meet other people in the spiritual field, and offer her services via their 'Readings' link on their website. View Amber Price's profile here. Recently, Amber was a Speaker at the "Women of Wisdom 2019" event, held by Spiritual Niagara, and was presented an award: "Women of Wisdom 2019 Medium"!

Amber has also joined forces with Psychic Kids United to provide events in the community to help support, empower, and educate kids in exploring and developing their intuitive gifts.


Her hope is to bring you insight or messages, and to help you take notice of the signs that are paving the way to  your authentic self. Peacefully and respectfully, Amber will give you the most of your experience!

"Thank you for your part in my journey, Love and Light!" - Amber

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