Amber Price 
Psychic Medium, Soul Coach, Life Coach, Speaker
Spiritual Excellence Halo Gala, The Sapphire Association

Spiritual Growth Coach, Life Coach, Host of Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards

Amber Price, One of Canada's Top Psychic Mediums

Live a mindful lifestyle, full of passion and purpose, achieving your highest level of fulfillment. Take a journey of discovery to embrace your authentic self.


 Insight from within, let one of Canada's Top Psychic Mediums, take you through the experience!

Amber Price Canada's Top Psychic Medium

Amber Price is one of Canada's top Psychic Mediums, highly sought-after, with an international clientele and is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. 

Amber is a Soul Coach, Life Coach (including business coaching & team building), Professional Speaker, Host of the Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards, and Host of podcasts "Sapphire Souls" and "The Insighters", and has been featured as an Expert on radio, television & live events. 


Amber is a member of Spiritual Niagara, a community that allows her to meet other people in the spiritual field. Recently, Amber was a Speaker at the "Women of Wisdom 2019" event, held by Spiritual Niagara, and was presented an award: "Women of Wisdom 2019 Medium".

Amber is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of "The Sapphire Association",  a community supporting inspirational women, entrepreneurs or business owners, who continue to innovate and revolutionize the Spiritual, Holistic, Creative & Professional Industries, through this membership community. 

Amber's passion is to provide her clients insight or healing messages, that their souls need, and to help them take notice of the signs that are lighting the path, or to achieve their goals, to their most authentic life.

 Amber is inspired by people who do extraordinary work for others and often participates in community events and fundraising initiatives, with the loving support of her husband and children.

Here are the ways Amber can make spiritual connections:

Clairvoyance- seeing images like pictures, motion like movies, flashes of light and colour

Claircognizance- knowing of information and messages to deliver

Clairsentience- feeling (touch, pain, tingling, warmth, and cold sensations)

Clairaudience- hearing voice, sound, music

Clairgustance- messages include the ability to taste

Clairalience- ability to have the sense of smell during messages

Empath- sensitive to other people's energy and emotions near and far

As a Medium Amber can connect with spirit energy to deliver messages of healing, or validation. 

As a Psychic Amber connects with the energy of your Higher Self and Angel and Guides to deliver messages of guidance for current or future events.

As a Soul Coach, Workshops with Amber facilitate your spiritual journey as you Explore & Enhance your own spiritual abilities.

As a Life Coach Amber is dedicated to helping people achieve clarity and insight to their soul's purpose while achieving a successful and fulfilling lifestyle. Business team building programs.

As a professional Speaker Amber is able to captivate audiences with powerful and  inspiring talks. Amber is motivational, informative, and is able to share new perspectives profoundly. 

As the co-host of show, "The Insighters", Amber Price and Liz Throp are the hosts of Giant TV's Podcast where you can find unscripted conversation between the two, about what life is really like as a Psychic Medium. Recently Amber was the host of "Sapphire Souls", a Moonstruck TV & A1R Radio Production, Amber provided education and insight into Spiritual topics, as one of Canada's Top Psychic Mediums. 

As the host of the Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards, Amber's goal is to honour and acknowledge the spiritual success of individuals and groups that continue to make an impact in the Canadian Spiritual Community!

As the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of The Sapphire Association, Amber's vision is supporting inspirational women, entrepreneurs or business owners, who continue to innovate and revolutionize the Spiritual, Holistic, Creative & Professional Industries.

Private and Shared Sessions & Groups, Conferences, Seminars, Events etc. are available by phone or video.

Amber Price Canada's Top Psychic Medium