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Psychic Medium, Soul Coach, Life Coach, Speaker
Spiritual Excellence Halo Gala, The Sapphire Association

Spiritual Growth Coach, Life Coach, Host of Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards

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Amber Price Session

Medium Readings with Amber

In a Medium Reading, Amber can connect with spirit energy, of those that have passed, to deliver messages of healing, or validation through 'Evidential Mediumship'. Your messages will provide as much detail as possible so they can identify themselves to you,  such as names, initials, dates, workplaces, even personality traits and more. It is not unusual for more souls to connect with you during your session than what you were expecting, you may be surprised! Sometimes, even if you did not have a close relationship with someone in this life (or they are connected to you indirectly), they often connect during a Medium Reading to let you know they are here now. The souls that connect  can help provide guidance in your life, and also let you know what signs and messages they may be                                                                                          trying to deliver to you in your daily life. 

Please feel free to bring questions however, not necessary. All you need is an open mind, Amber is an Empath and is sensitive to energy of the living, if there is any negative energy anywhere it will interfere with your experience. Amber always connects with the highest good therefore, she would only provide messages that will help someone in a positive way, this is meant to be a positive experience. 

Medium Readings are offered in a minimum of a 1 hour session. Due to the nature of the session, 30 minute sessions are not enough time for this experience. Refer to 'FAQ' page prior to booking your session.

In-person, video or phone sessions available for individuals, shared and groups, click "Schedule Appointment" to book your session.

Amber Price Readings

Psychic Readings with Amber 

Psychic readings provide messages of guidance and insight into your current life, as Amber connects with the energy of your Higher Self, Angels and Spirit Guides. Amber will also receive future messages, this may help you see what may be coming up, depending on what path of free will you choose. Amber always works for the highest good therefore, you will always receive all the information that you need to help you move forward on your life's journey.

Psychic Readings are offered at intervals of 30 or 60 minutes. It is suggested that if you have not had a reading before, you book 1 hour. Refer to 'FAQ' page prior to booking your session.

In-person, video or phone sessions available for individuals, shared and groups, click "Schedule Appointment" to book your session. 

Amber Price Life Coach

Life Coaching (Including Business Coaching and Team Building)

Amber is dedicated to helping people, businesses and corporations achieve clarity and insight to their journey while achieving a successful and fulfilling lifestyle. Sometimes we fall victim to living inside someone else's box, why? Live your dreams, achieve your goals, and stop settling for things because you do not want to 'rock the boat', put yourself out there, you owe it to yourself! Imagine for a moment that you wake up every morning excited to start your day, new things to do each day, fulfillment, success and more importantly, NO FEARS or anxious feelings about your lifestyle. You can have all of that, you just have to invest in yourself like      you invest in other areas of your life, let's face it we sometimes do more for others than              ourselves, it is time to make room and commit! Life Coaching will help you identify clear        goals,  develop a plan of action to achieve the goals and provide the tools you need to keep        going on that journey once you have succeeded! Business team building programs available.

If you are booking an individual session, please click "Schedule Appointment"

Contact us to book your group coaching sessions, please click "E-mail US"

Amber Price Spiritual Growth Session

Soul Coaching

As a Soul Coach, Amber will facilitate your spiritual journey as you explore & enhance your own spiritual abilities, in a safe and open learning environment. 

If you feel you are in a spiritual awakening, or you feel a 'shift' but have no idea what to do with it, Soul Coaching is for you. You will learn what your abilities are, how to explore and enhance the abilities to take control of your spiritual journey and your life's purpose. There is no better feeling than the peace that comes when your body, mind and soul are one. Start living your authentic path and mindful lifestyle full of passion and purpose to achieve your highest level of                                                                                   fulfillment. Let Amber help you identify your strengths and develop them respectfully and                                                                                           safely through workshops or individual sessions to target your needs.

Check out the "Events" page for public workshop dates. If you are booking an individual session, please click "Schedule Appointment".

Amber Price Host of Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards

Professional Speaker

Amber knows the impact a Speaker can have on an audience and the overall event vibe: It's Powerful!  

As an effective speaker, Amber can inspire, motivate, inform, and share new perspectives! Amber's natural ability to resonate with others, captivates audiences, as she share's similar experiences or insights!

Amber shares wisdom at workshops, lectures, conferences, awards, retreats, fundraisers, and more, for a wide variety of organizations, corporations and educational facilities. 

 Contact us to book Amber as a Speaker for your event, click "E-mail Us".


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Soul Coaching:

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