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Amber Price The Clarity Expert

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Discover your intuition type.

Take the quiz to find out if you have natural abilities as a 

Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairempath, Clairgustant, Clairalient, or Clairaudient!

Step into your personal power, embrace your true self to align to the person you are meant to be, and explore your intuition to find clarity to mindfully live your life's purpose ​with passion.

(Make the conscious choice to eliminate confusion, feeling lost, self-doubt, saying yes when you want to say no, 

losing yourself in relationships, blocks that keep you from living the life you want!)


Looking for clarity?

Let's talk.

One day or day one. You decide.


Clarity | Connection | Consciousness  

I am a Clarity Coach, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Educator, Speaker, Giant TV Host, and 

Conscious Entrepreneur.

My mission is to help women live with clarity and reclaim their personal power by developing their intuition, aligning to their authentic purpose and own it!

For over a decade, through sessions, coaching programs, courses, my signature online community and program 'Clarity Academy', and my own personal spiritual experiences, I have guided thousands of people to a life of clarity, so they can be their true self while in relationships, families, or careers.

Your Clarity Experience Starts Here


I met Amber about a year ago when I had her on my show. She has such a positive energy about ​her. Definitely someone you feel comfortable being around.

Some time went by, and I found myself searching for guidance. I felt a little lost, or at a fork in the road not sure which way to go. Amber reached out to me! I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with her for a virtual one-on-one session. Her insight and kindness are remarkable.

There wasn't a question she couldn't give me clarity on (and I asked a lot of questions!).

I feel like I have a better understanding of why some things happened in my past and I find comfort in knowing I'm headed in the right direction, on the right path.

If your soul is feeling lost, Amber's your girl!

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Amber Price - Clarity Coach, Soul Coach, Online, Spiritual Membership Site


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