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Phantom Masterclass

Discover how to walk with your Phantom in the light of your soul


She who walks with her Phantom in the light of her soul, and the darkness of her shadow, is empowered with clarity.

Amber Price - Clarity Coach

Phantom Masterclass

The Phantom prevents you from being fully immersed into your reality and holds you back from living in the light of your soul, 

when you choose to live in the Phantom, rather than walk with it.

Phantom Masterclass is designed to help you explore and identify things that hold you back, in the darkness of resistance and doubt- the things that are not consciously present, to become the embodiment of all aspects of yourself to live in alignment with your soul's purpose for ultimate success and attraction.

Phantom Masterclass Lessons

Energy of the Phantom

Discover how the energy of your Phantom can prevent, or attract, living in alignment with your highest vibration and authentic Self.


Discover how to release yourself and others from expectations for a grounded and balanced lifestyle.

Lone Wolf Mindset

Discover how to eliminate the Lone Wolf Mindset to live collectively and independently with personal power.

Imposter Syndrome

Discover how to identify if you have Imposter Syndrome and how to break the barriers that prevent you from owning your personal value to continue to make an impact to those in your world.

Wishful Thinking

Discover how to create a life you desire and not  just dreaming of it with wishful thinking. 

Would of-Could of-Should of

Discover how to be mindfully present and embody the choices you make to stay focused on the here and now, and stay out of your head.


Discover how to live with clarity and create a communication style that holds no space for creating assumptions.


Discover how to release the burden of people-pleasing and accept ownership of your needs and desires, unapologetically.

Fear of Manifestation & Attraction

Discover how to identify and release fears that prevent you from manifesting and attracting the things you desire to live your best life.

Walk with your Phantom

Discover how to live in balance with the darkness of  your Phantom and the light of your soul for ultimate clarity.

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