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Clarity | Connection | Consciousness

Amber Price - The Clarity Expert TM

Clarity Coach, Spiritual Educator, Speaker, Clarity Academy TM Spiritual Membership Site

Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards TM

Intuition is seeing with the soul.

Dean Koontz


Find Clarity by Learning to Explore & Enhance Your Own Intuition:

Intuition Development Program

Amber will facilitate your spiritual journey as you explore & enhance your own intuitive abilities, in a safe and open learning environment, in unique individual one-on-one sessions and with 6 or 12 month programs that provide support along the way. 

If you feel you are in a spiritual awakening, or you feel a 'shift' but have no idea what to do with it, this is for you. You will learn what your abilities are, how to explore and enhance the abilities to actively participate in your spiritual journey and align to your life's purpose. There is no better feeling than the peace that comes when your body, mind, and soul are one. Start living your authentic path and mindful lifestyle, full of passion and purpose, to achieve your highest level of fulfillment. Let Amber help you identify your strengths and develop them, respectfully and safely, to target your goals.

Intuition Development Coaching offers a package for everyone's unique spiritual growth journey, choose a package that will provide you with the support you need to align to your life's purpose and live a mindful lifestyle, with clarity!

NOTE: In-person sessions are not available.

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Find Clarity in a Personal Intuitive Session:

Clarity Session

Are you looking for clarity, guidance, and insight into your life? Are you looking to find clarity in your relationships, family and career while living in alignment with your true self? Clarity sessions offer the opportunity for you to receive insight, delivered by Amber, as Amber connects with the energy of your Higher Self, and Spiritual Team. Amber always works for the highest good therefore, you will always receive messages that you need to help you move forward on your life's journey and to help you align with your authentic self!

Clarity sessions are offered at intervals of 30 or 60 minutes. It is suggested that if you have not had a session with Amber before, you book 1 hour. Refer to 'FAQ' page prior to booking your session. Medium readings will not be provided after December 31, 2021 (unless you are enrolled in Clarity Academy or a Coaching Program) however, if you are booking a medium session this year, you must choose 60 minutes (30 minutes is not long enough).

Video or phone sessions available for individuals, shared and groups, click "Schedule Appointment" to book your session. Video and phone sessions are very popular and often held for Amber's clients world-wide. There is no difference in the information received by Amber, as she is using energy external to your physical body to receive messages of connection and clarity.

Click below to schedule your appointment, scroll down until you find the session you would like to book (phone or video sessions available)

NOTE: In-person sessions are not available.