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What is the meaning of life? Blog by Amber Price The Clarity Expert

What is the Meaning of Life?

March 29th, 2020

We often search for the meaning of life, and the answer is simple: The meaning is unique to each individual soul. Most of us ponder over this life-long mystery however, we may really be longing to find the answer to the meaning of life to feel happiness, peace, success, essentially fulfillment!

The fulfillment, we long to feel for life, will be influenced by how well we are able to embrace the three main concepts of life that we are meant to experience: Love. Loss. Connection.

Love is the most healing energy we can experience. Love has the power to help us work through our most challenging experiences and the power to help others through their own. When we are in a state of love, we can manifest amazing things for ourselves and others. When we are open to receiving love, we can give love at a heightened level to do the most good for the most souls. Many of us may be willing to give love but feel unworthy of receiving it, this is our mind protecting ourselves from hurt or disappointment. When our body, mind and soul work together we find peace and health.

Loss is the most intimidating of all of life's experiences, we even try to avoid loss by withholding love or forbidding ourselves from taking chances. Loss can mean many things and will be unique to everyone. Loss may be experienced by death, divorce, termination of a job, financial crisis, estrangement from family or friends or a medical diagnosis with a poor prognosis. We are all going to experience loss at one point in our lives, this is a natural evolution of the human experience. The way to go through the loss and get to the other side, feeling less broken, depends on how you perceive loss: going through loss authentic to your emotions or going through loss the way you witnessed others experience loss or the way you think others want you to react during loss. Our emotions and our generational or limiting belief systems will manifest how well we heal from loss, the more love we offer and receive during loss, allows your soul to heal and set future goals. Loss is real, loss is different for all of us, loss is how you feel it, allow yourself to feel the loss so your soul can go through the necessary experience for ascension.

Connection is our soul food. We, in our human experience, long for connection or the feeling of belonging or fitting in. Connections can be made on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual level and will be unique to everyone. The connection, that most believe is necessary, the easiest way to connect, is the physical connection between humans. A shared hug, touch of the hand or intimacy can go a long way to show love and compassion and researchers have found that physical connections release hormones that make us feel happy and relieve pain. Emotional connections allow us to feel like we fit in and that we are loved for who we are. Emotional connections are very important to our human existence, as we relate this to our total sense of purpose. Emotional disconnection could present an opportunity for someone to question their whole purpose for living, emotional connection is the most important and necessary for our human experience. The mental connection stems from wanting to be understood and is often the connection that will allow us to evaluate how successful we are. If we are understood, and valued for our ideas, we become connected and our sense of success and our experience of fulfillment increases. Spiritual connections provide us with hope, faith and love. Spiritual connections are the deepest 'need' for our soul to truly live authentically and serve our purpose. Those of us who search for more meaning and wish to know ourselves at a more subconscious level, will be drawn to exploring the spiritual connections whether through faith, religion or spiritual connection, of souls who have passed away or our Spirit Guides, Angel's etc. How we perceive life's experiences directly relates to what we attract to our connections.

If someone searches for fulfillment in their own life, by modeling after another person's perception and experience, they will be sure to encounter obstacles or even blocks. Living with obstacles is essential for your soul's success in your own purpose however, living with blocks and obstacles created by living outside of your individual life's purpose, will create more experiences of anxiety, depression, broken relationships, mental health struggles (including addiction), physical health conditions, financial issues or instability with living arrangements. It is essential to live your most authentic life to receive the most fulfillment and therefore, success. The beauty of life is that you can begin again and again if you need to, you are strength.

Be you. Be love. Be connection. Be well.

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