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Testimonials - with Amber

Amber Price is clearly gifted with her divinely given abilities as a psychic and medium. I have had the privilege of experiencing her one on one sessions and being apart of her incredible Clarity Academy on-line community. What I really want to convey in this testimonial is the way she delivers and explains the messaging she sees and hears. There is a certain level of emotional support that gently opened my eyes to the parts of my life that I needed to get clear on. Because of that guidance, I was able to immediately pivot and change course to make choices that brought me closer to my life's purpose. More importantly, Amber did an excellent job of holding such a sacred and safe space for me with the level of vulnerability I would feel in what she would share and describe about my past, present, and future. Thank you Amber, I felt supported, seen, and heard in every session.

Jennifer Haufler - Film Producer

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Testimonial  Jennifer Haufler

I met Amber about a year ago when I had her on my show. She has such a positive energy about her. Definitely someone you feel comfortable being around.

Some time went by, and I found myself searching for guidance. I felt a little lost, or at a fork in the road not sure which way to go.

Amber reached out to me! I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with her for a virtual one-on-one session.

Her insight and kindness are remarkable. There wasn't a question she couldn't give me clarity on (and I asked a lot of questions!).

I feel like I have a better understanding of why some things happened in my past and I find comfort in knowing I'm headed in the right direction, on the right path.

If your soul is feeling lost, Amber's your girl!

Katie Pansolin - Radio Personality at Country 89 FM 

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Testimonial

Amber Price is one of the most gifted mediums that I know. I have had the pleasure of having a reading with her and I have also seen her provide readings to an audience. I am always surprised by the accuracy of her readings. I have found that not many mediums can actually give you a person’s name in a reading but she can. She is also a wonderfully genuine and caring person and a joy to be with.

Kathy Upper - Chief Visionary Officer Spiritual Niagara

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Testimonial Kathy Upper

Amber brings the most positive energy the minute you walk into her home. I felt instantly comfortable in her presence and ready for the reading.

She spoke of things that I didn't even know about my own family that my mother later confirmed. Really specific things like an adopted grandfather I had no idea about.

She gave me great guidance and affirmation on my career and I left with a better direction in my life. I felt revitalized and clear-minded after my visit. 

Amber even picked up on my mom's injured knee. Every time she thought of my mom, her knee was in pain... My mom had been recovering from knee surgery and was still in pain. She advised my mother that she has 'healing hands' and to focus her hands on her knee... My mom has reported her knee actually is feeling better since taking this advice... 

I could go on about my experience but instead, I will say that I would highly recommend anyone getting a reading from Amber. She is the real deal and absolute pleasure to talk to. I got way more out of our session than I anticipated."

Valerie Borghesi - Vocalist, Songwriter, Performer, Vocal Coach

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Testimonial Valerie Borghesi

A few years ago I had a message from this lovely lady saying we need to meet and work together. I felt the connection immediately and agreed. However both of our lives got busy and we never got the chance to connect. Fast forward 6 months and I had an unfortunate medical condition and had to cancel my event with Spiritual Niagara. I was booked to deliver messages from Spirit. The problem was that many tickets had been sold and graciously Amber stepped in on a moment's notice to take my spot. I cannot even begin to tell you the relief this gave me and the ability to focus back on my health was priceless knowing that she had stepped in to help me and SN out. Amber knocked it out of the park that night delivering evidential messages to those in attendance. Since that fateful evening we have become friends and colleagues working together to deliver messages from Spirit. Amber agreed to be one of my first guests on my show The Gifted Onez to help me kick it off with her incredible wisdom. And has also colaborated with my partner Margarett and I on Psychic Kids United Inc. Amber shared her plans for the Spiritual Halo Awards and brought it to fruition later that year. It was an incredible evening of comradery with fellow lightworkers and entertainment celebrating our industry. Amber gives her incredible wisdom with such clarity and her presence comes with an energetic cheer you can't help but smile when she is around. We have recently joined forces on a new project The Insighters a FB fan page that being the pair of us together to discuss our lives as Psychic Mediums. I am excited to have joined Amber on this journey and cannot wait to see what she delivers in the future to our community. 

Liz Throp - Liz Throp Psychic Medium

Founder & Co-President of Psychic Kids United Inc.

Certified Life Coach & Soul Coach, Host of Giant TV's "The Gifted Onez"

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Testimonial Liz Throp

I first met Amber Price several years ago at a Platform Mediumship Event hosted by Spiritual Niagara. I had not met her before, but I had heard positive things about her psychic mediumship and was eager to experience it. The first thing I noticed about Amber was that she was very sparkly and shiny, with a dynamic and genuine smile. When Amber took to the platform to provide readings for the audience, her genuine high vibration positive energy was quite apparent and contagious. Amber provided very detailed evidential messages to audience members, offering healing insight from deceased loved ones. The clarity, conciseness, and connection that Amber has with Spirit broadly and the deceased specifically is professional - and impressive.

I was blessed to be able to get to know Amber better since that first meeting, and have had the pleasure of working with Amber in a professional capacity at numerous events across the Niagara Region. Aside from being one of the top Canadian Psychic Mediums, I will also note Amber's deep commitment and involvement in the Holistic and Spiritual community. I don't know a lot of people who can make the dreams and visions they have come to fruition the way that Amber does. The Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards is a perfect example of this, in which Amber sought out, acknowledged, and brought together a strong and solid community of Spiritual practitioners who are committed to healing the planet and everything on it. This is so important to the world at this point in our tumultuous social history. And, this is no simple feat, and I commend her will, drive, determination, and strength - besides the planning and organizational capabilities this requires.

I have much admiration and respect for Amber. She probably doesn't realize how much she inspires and incites others to live their truth because she is incredibly humble in her Service work and modest in her self-appraisal. I am deeply grateful for Amber's ambition and drive to make the world a better place, and I thank her for the support, motivation and inspiration she continues to provide all of us. 

Dr. Tracy Kennedy - PhD Sociology

Empath, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, Published Author, Public Speaker, and owner of The Spiritual Spa and Shiva Gian Yoga

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Testimonial Tracy Kennedy

I knew from the minute I met Amber that she was the real deal. I have enjoyed working alongside her at speaking events including her amazing Halo award evening. Amber Price is truly a gift to anyone who crosses her path. Talented, intelligent, ambitious, gracious and one of the most joyous people I have ever met. :)

Lori Brant- The Happiness Coach

Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Education, ACC Certified Life Coach, Author, Master Spirit Life Coach, Speaker, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Master of Metaphysics, Life Coach Trainer and Mentor.

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Testimonial Lori Brant

Amber has opened my mind and my heart to new perspectives and possibilities. As a participant in Amber’s workshops, I was inspired to re-discover my own voice and to help others find their voices along their journeys. Amber has been both an amazing sounding board and guide toward my spiritual awakening. She strikes a lovely balance between sharing her own gifts and encouraging other empaths, healers, and light workers to develop their own skill sets. I look forward to continued collaboration with Amber as well as opportunities to see her gifts and insights come to fruition.

Dr. Tiffany Hunt - Registered, Clinical & Health Psychologist & Certified Sound Therapist

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Testimonial Tiffany Hunt

I heard about Amber and her amazing gift a couple years ago (from family members back home in Niagara.) Living in Florida, I couldn’t meet her in person, but I was excited to learn I could have a session via video chat! My sessions have been amazing! Even through video chat, Amber was able to give a very personal experience for each of my sessions. Each message has given me valuable insight and comfort from my lost loved ones. 

-Kelly Wright, Florida USA


"Women of Wisdom" Awards

  • Medium Award Spiritual Niagara 2019

"The Reader's Choice" Awards

  • Best Psychic 2022 Welland Tribune GOLD

  • Best Psychic 2022 Guelph PLATINUM
  • Best Psychic 2022 Cambridge DIAMOND
  • Best Life Coach 2022 Guelph GOLD

  • Best Life Coach 2021 Milton  PLATINUM

  • Best Psychic 2021 St. Catharines Standard  PLATINUM

  • Top Life Coach 2021 Welland Tribune DIAMOND
  • Best Psychic 2021 Niagara Falls Award GOLD
  • Platinum Award Welland Tribune 2020

  • Platinum Award Toronto Star 2019
  • Gold Award Niagara Falls Review 2019
  • Gold Award Welland Tribune 2019
  • Gold Award St. Catharines Standard 2019
  • Top Ten Hamilton Spectator 2019

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  • Best Community Leader 2019
  • Best Life Coach/Counselor 2019
  • Best Spiritual Healer 2019

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I have been seeing Amber for private readings for a few years now and was unable to make it to her home for my appointment due to car troubles and Amber offered a service that I was completely unaware of, a phone reading! I was slightly reluctant due to the fact that I've only ever seen Amber for readings in person, however I was not disappointed! In fact, I was extremely impressed that Amber was able to give me the same accuracy, personality, and quality of information from the comfort of my own home. All of my future readings with Amber will be booked over the phone. After all, who wouldn't want the EXACT same quality of service from the comfort of your own home? Thanks again Amber!

Maya Lewiston - Fonthill, Ontario

Meeting Amber has truly changed my life. I’ve always been very curious about connecting with passed love ones, but wasn’t sure if anyone would be able to live up to my expectations after watching Long Island Medium for years! I’ve had sessions with Amber in a group setting, one on one in person and over the phone. The experience I had with Amber far exceeded any expectations and has had an incredible positive impact on my life, as well as the lives of people around me. Amber was able to connect me with passed family members and relay the most heart filling, life changing, happy, positive messages. Her accuracy and detail is astounding and left me utterly speechless. She has also given me insight into my health, my future, my children, my career etc. She is just a lovely person to talk to and I thoroughly enjoy our conversations. I’m so grateful she is a part of my life and I look forward to many more conversations with her ♥️

Leslie Black - Toronto, Ontario

Amber is such an amazingly gifted person! She delivers such accurate messages with kindness and humour. We were truly blessed this weekend when Amber came for a family reading. She turned sadness, fear and confusion into peace. Such an incredibly cathartic experience!!

Bev Recchhia - Ancaster, Ontario

Amber you are so gifted. You did group readings for my sister, myself and my cousins. I was truly amazed that you were able to communicate so freely with the spirits of our loved ones. I can’t get over how much you knew about them and how you were able to relay their messages to us. You comforted all of us with those messages. The readings brought tears and great joy. Thank you so very much.

Jo-Ann Murch

Thank you so much for your reading for my self, my sister and my cousins..You were so on point. You are a very gifted woman..Thank you once again.

Suzanne Austin

Amber is amazing i have had several reading and I always leave happy and very satisfied with my reading..She is very sincere and clear on her messages..I would recommend her to anyone who would like a real and genuine reading ... I always refer her to all my friends n family and they have saw and been fully satisfied with there reading ..Amber is the best i have ever seen so 10 stars from me ... 😀

Jackie Scudamore - Niagara Falls, Ontario

Amber is amazing! She was so accurate with all information provided. It is truly incredible! If you haven’t booked you appointment yet, stop waiting and BOOK IT!

Ashley McShane - St. Catharines, Ontario

I’m very thankful for the beautiful readings I’ve had with Amber, she is a very genuine human being who is also very gifted. She always amazes me with her accuracy. I have also participated in the spiritual classes amber offers and I absolutely love them.

Thank you for being such an amazing divine channel♥️

I’m very thankful for the beautiful readings I’ve had with Amber, she is a very genuine human being who is also very gifted. She always amazes me with her accuracy. I have also participated in the spiritual classes amber offers and I absolutely love them.

Thank you for being such an amazing divine channel♥️

Laura Derosa - Niagara Falls, Ontario

This woman is amazing. If you are thinking of seeing a Medium, just book with Amber. I have been to her 3 times now and have learned what to do for a better reading. Make sure to WRITE the names of the people you want to talk to. Make sure your WRITE the questions you want to ask. You may think you will remember, but chances are you will be so overwhelmed you won't. Then sit back, relax and be amazed at what Amber can do! She will also let you audio tape your reading.

Candace Mann - New Brunswick, Canada

I have been to group readings and private readings with Amber. During the large and small group readings I have been too, she always makes me feel like I'm the only person in the room when I'm listening to her teach and read. I love how during all the group readings I have been to, she always asks if anyone has any questions at the end, which is another opportunity to connect with your loved ones on the other side, even if you didn't get read. During all of the readings she has done for me I have been amazed at how detailed the validations were for me. Amber is the real deal and she truly cares about all of her clients! Book an appointment today!

Andrea Stranges - Niagara Falls

Amber has such a kind heart. She is able to deliver messages from love ones passed like no other. I highly recommend reaching out to Amber if you are looking for some clarity on a specific situation or if you just want a reading for fun!

Candace Mann - New Brunswick

If I could I would give her 10 stars...I have had a few readings with Amber and she has always been so accurate. I have refereed family and friends and they all say the same response. "WOW AMAZING!!!!

Amber is very kind, gentle and always makes you feel so comfortable...She is very gifted and her readings are such a beautiful experience...

She makes your heart smile the way she can connects with loved ones that have passed and that you miss everyday..

thank so much for sharing your talent....

Roseanne Cheropita - St. Catharines, Ontario

I am more than happy to provide feedback, as my experience with your readings have been amazing. I think you are genuine, kind, considerate and caring and would absolutely recommend you to everyone, and I have.

Barb Kovacs - Port Colborne, Ontario

Amber gives all of her clients her undivided attention always! The validations that come through are authentic and mind blowing at how accurately she interprets messages from spirit. I also recently attended a spiritually guided career seminar with her and afterwards I felt so settled and sure I was on the right path when choosing to pursue my future career aspirations. When speaking about Amber's readings with loved ones on the other side, I have personally found that her messages from father have really helped me heal from his tragic and sudden passing. Amber offers all of us precious moments with our deceased loved ones. I can't wait to go back! Book your appointment today!

Andrea Stranges - Niagara

Before I went to Amber Prices Event(s) I thought this kind of thing was a joke and didn't want any part of it I looked down upon it, but I broke down and went to a few of Amber's Events and was impressed how she pin pointed random people out of a large crowd and listed a bunch of details only the individual would know about. She puts on a great show I recommend a one on one reading as well just so you can find out more on who's trying to contact you without jumping to other people in the process.

Ken Buttle - St. Catharines, Ontario

Amber Price is undoubtedly one of the most gifted mediums I have had the opportunity of dealing with. Before my first reading I was nervous about how it would go, as the reading was over the phone due to me living in another province. Right away I knew I had made the right choice in choosing Amber. She immediately put me at ease and made me feel like I was speaking to a friend. I have spoken to Amber on a few occasions and each time she shares messages with me from my loved one who have passed on. Along with these messages, the conversations I have with Amber instills hope that I am following the proper path in life.

Candace Mann - New Brunswick

I am enjoy seeing Amber as she is very good, honest and very accurate.

I love the connection she gets from the other side and great way to communicate.

Jackie G. - Niagara Falls

Having been to a few Psychics or Tarot readers over the last 35 years I tried Amber, a Medium, and what a difference. With Amber it's like you know your loved ones are there. It's truly an amazing experience. So much so that I went back six months later after a tragedy at work. Questions were answered for so many people and gave so much relief that she had more bookings. While at my Chiropractor, I was talking about my experiences, and Amber got more bookings from there. If you have come here to decide whether you should try Amber, I'm telling you, you should try Amber. Now. Don't wait any longer, because after a reading, you'll be wondering why you waited.

Charmaine - Niagara

Amber has a very special gift. I had some unresolved issues with my father that were leaving an empty space in my heart. I saw a newspaper article about Amber and reached out to her. I have never had a reading with a medium before and wasn't sure what to expect. My dad was there communicating with Amber. There was no doubt in my mind that it was my dad. I didn't say anything about why I was there but right from the start my dad was talking to me through Amber about the exact reason I was there. Feelings that nobody else in this world knew, something personal just between me and my dad! So much healing happened that night. I will be forever grateful to Amber. Thank you.

Julie C. - Niagara

I found it settling, accurate, relieving and easygoing to sit and connect. I left feeling a sense of hope and I would definitely recommend to others.

Manda Rose - Niagara

Well, hello, Amber!

I am delighted to promote your sixth sense talents: you have proven time and time again that your connection to the spiritual world is valid and sincere.

As you may remember, after I lost my mother and two very close friends within one year, I was really depressed. The accuracy of those personal readings by/with you was so uplifting for me. You have also taught me how to use my own resources to expand my spirituality.

I would not hesitate to further recommend you to friends and family, as I already have.....

I look forward to another reading together: perhaps near the end of summer?

Kind regards,


Patty - Niagara-on-the-Lake

First off, I'd like to say how sweet Amber is. From the start you know she has pure intentions to give you the clearest message from spirit. Amber not only helped me but spirit also came through for my friend which in turn helped her immensely as well. I will definitely be back to Amber 😆

Pamela Smith - Niagara Falls

Dear Amber. There is always a sense of doubt when I hear of the readings. And my visit with you was a last minute invite from a friend. But that hour I spent with you were shared many memories and thoughts that even my best friend did not know about me. The loved ones you tuned in with and the words or phrases that connected with them has still to this day gives me a new hope and peace. You are just simply too amazing and honest to put into words. When my loved ones past I had that saddest feeling and remorse or never getting to say good bye. But with your reading you gave me that closer and peace that I needed so much. You have helped heal that pain and restored my faith in your craft. I do believe and trust you with all my heart and soul. Eternally grateful. Alison

Alison - Stoney Creek

Amber is such a truly special medium and I'm so grateful to have met her. My readings with her have been so remarkable and accurate. She was able to help me through the most grief stricken time of my life after my mom passed and was able to connect with her spirit. She brought me light through the darkness and was able to give me peace when no one else could. Her gifts are nothing short of amazing and my experiences with her readings are phenomenal!

Roxanne Lahovics - Niagara

Amber, Thank you again for my reading the other night. It left me feeling a lot more calm and peace than I have felt in a long time. Thank you to Brittney Borgatti Radzikoski for introducing us. You are both a huge blessing in my life and I am eternally grateful.

Richele - Port Colborne

How you knew things that happened in the past was crazy enough, but when you were able to see ME in the moment....I am speechless. Words will never explain how amazing you are. Keep helping people, my life changed because of you. I will be back. Speechless...

Kyle - Niagara Falls

Today was an unforgettable mind-blowing experience and I thank you for every second of it.

April - Niagara Falls, Ontario

I noticed that some friends went to see the Long Island Medium this week. I've always wanted to go too but then I was referred to this woman and she's just in the Falls. She is absolutely amazing. She hit on things that would be impossible to know. Then I took my daughter and I think she was even better. I'm going again soon. I would highly recommend her. I left feeling so much more peaceful. Give her a try.

Melissa - Welland

Hi Amber thank you for my reading today. You got a lot of my family angels coming through for me thank you. Second visit with Amber and will see you again.

Janine - Niagara-on-the-Lake

Can't thank you enough for today!! Such an uplifting experience

Jennifer - St. Catharines

Saw that owl you said I would see today. Making some positive changes xo

Tricia - St. Catharines, Ontario

Thank you Amber, what a great reading! You helped immensely"

Kelly - Nova Scotia

Amber, thanks for last evening. All 5 of my friends were really impressed and I myself was over whelmed! what you do! ...will be in touch ..

Kim - Niagara-on-the-Lake

Hi Amber, I just want to thank you for my reading last week. You are awesome, and brought a lot to me. I would love to see you again some time soon!


Amber, you are amazing!!! You are so accurate and very compassionate with your messages! Thank you for all you do and for helping me with my own messages! :)

Connie - London

Amber, you are amazing!!! You are so accurate and very compassionate with your messages! Thank you for all you do and for helping me with my own messages! :)

Connie - London

Amber, I'm still blown away from tonight's reading, you have a beautiful gift that is undeniable and unique."

Thanks again, you are wonderful!

Candace - New Brunswick

How do you begin to put your feelings into words after experiencing something that you never thought to be possible? This is where I sat upon writing a review on Amber. One of my twins was consistently talking to "Guppa" every night after supper. One day I videoed it happening and watched him looking for and following an orb throughout the video. I thought to myself, after chatting with a few people, maybe I will try this medium experience that people had brought to my attention. It seemed like my only option to some answers - worst case scenario, it HAD to be entertaining (and much more reasonably priced than a night out for hubby and I)! I couldn't have been more correct, and impressed! To me, even a few justifications would have been suffice, but when she had my hubby in tears the deal was sealed. SO many of our loved ones came through and did amazing jobs of validating their presence. And not only grandparents who passed from "expected" ailments, but younger relatives who passed from things that nobody other than family knows the true story about all the details. On top off all of this, Amber provided names, death dates, professions, and even quirky habits/hobbies of relatives! I could probably write a novel about how absolutely thrilled and heart-warmed I felt after meeting her and spending just a short visit with her, but the best way that I can sum up our experience is by telling everyone that WE ARE BOOKING HER TO COME BACK AGAIN and are so excited to see what else "happens". What a fantastic way to "see" the other side. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts Amber - we love you!

Brittney (& Mike) Radzikoski - Port Colborne, Ontario

My sister and Niece had Amber come to their home for a group reading.I have had a few readings over the last 20 years and Amber was spot on.My angels were all there waiting to come through the spirit world.Surprised my mom came through she passed very recent and Amber mentioned my dad met son came through for the first time which put a new calm in my life.I will tell my friends and family about Amber's and her spiritual guides.Thank you Amber hope to see you again.

Janine - Niagara-on-the-Lake

I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of readings done by Amber over the last couple of years. When you lose a loved one you always hope that they are still with you. Amber validated that for myself and my daughters. I couldn't believe she knew the things she did. I look forward to future readings with her.

Roseanna - Niagara

Can't thank Amber enough for doing what she does. She makes the experience so comfortable and relaxing. Being able to connect with loved ones is beyond words. Such an uplifting experience ❤️ Highly recommend :)

Jennifer - Durham

THANK YOU so much for making my day and taking your time to stop by and see me I really needed that :-))

Julie - Niagara

Thank you so much for my reading last night... It meant so much to me connecting with my parents.... I will definitely have a group reading in the future.

Le-Anne - St. Catharines

....can't begin to explain how blessed I feel knowing Amber Price and quick responses when I have life crisis, to the point I need to reach out....She's amazing. My own personal experiences with her. Three or so readings, she's a beautiful soul for sure. Amber Price thank you for everything

Alicia - British Columbia

Amber you are absolutely amazing!!!! This was the BEST experience I have ever had in my life!!!! Every single thing you said was SPOT on!!! I even figured out things you said after I left that I couldn't figure out at the time!!! Guess that means another reading, alone this time.... My daughter was amazed and my other daughter would love a reading over Skype.... We truly LOVE you, you are a angel among us.....I am emailing you....xoxoxox

Ursual - Sault Ste. Marie

Everyone was thrilled at the messages that they received! Thank you Amber!!

Barb - Niagara

That was amazing! Thanks again Amber. :)

Christine - Niagara Falls

Hello all Amber Followers,

Amber has a special gift!!

Last night I was read by Amber & she lost some sleep due to all of the past in my life & I have to apologize for this! I did not warn her of how many dead I really know. 

Amber has a special gift & anyone who is wanting to be read should contact her! It was great from the minute she walked in. Amber makes you feel comfortable & explains to you before her read what is going to happen. 

She even connected with my husbands father & described him to a T. This happened when my husband walked thru the room, her chamber in her head was overcome by someone trying to get thru to my husband. It was magnificent!! She was able to describe him to a T & his message will forever be remembered. No doubt it was my husbands father.

I had 5 people come thru who wanted to give me some answers. I awoke this morning with a calm I have been searching for, for some time now.

It takes a lot out of Amber so make sure you want a serious read. She is a true medium. Amber is very reasonable in price compared to other mediums & I would like to recommend her!

I would also like to thank you Amber for the 5 messages I received & for the message my husband received. We are forever grateful.

Thank you again"

Lynda - St. Catharines

I would like to thank you Amber for my reading! I really feel at peace knowing that all my loved ones are happy and safe. It also made me happy to hear that my nephew is happy now and no longer in any pain. I do recommend Amber to anyone that would like to have the peace in their own life after a tragic loss. There is a lot more to say about my reading, but for now....I just want to keep that private. Thank you so much Amber!!!!

Marcia - St. Catharines

Thanks for the reading it was nice to connect with my brothers

Kelly - Nova Scotia

I just want to thank you for my reading on Thursday. It was amazing and for some reason feel more relaxed. I also found out the story behind the "cherry bomb". Thank you so much you are amazing!