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Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards Gala - Saturday October 3, 2020

                                                       Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards
Awards to honour and acknowledge the spiritual successes of individuals and groups that continue to make an impact in the Spiritual community!
- Presented by Amber Price

Special Note: Voting will be unavailable 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. on July 3rd, 2020 for scheduled maintenance with SurveyMonkey.

Nominations for Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Categories are now OPEN!

Nominations are quick and simple, and can be made online from this very web page STARTING JUNE 1, 2020. Simply click the "Nominate Here" link located under the award categories. Nominations will be accepted until Saturday July 31, 2020 by 11:59 p.m.

  • There is no fee to make a nomination
  • Self-Nomination is permitted. Nomination in multiple categories is permitted: each nomination counts as one vote
  • 2 Votes permitted per day
  • Nominations can be made in 10 different categories as outlined below
  • All nominees must currently be a practicing Spiritual or Holistic Professional/Practitioner
  • Verification will be required to ensure award eligibility. Ensure nominations are in most relevant category, as the verification of eligibility will be required, to remain in the running for the category or award
  • The nominee with the most votes in each category will be presented the Spiritual Excellence Halo Award trophy. In the event of a tie of votes all finalist nominees will be equally recognized
  • The Top 5 nominees in each category will be presented with a Spiritual Excellence Halo Certificate of Excellence. In the event of a tie of votes all Top 5 nominees will be equally recognized
  • The "Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Award" is the ONLY category in which Amber Price will choose the winner who has satisfied all of the category criteria. The finalist will be chosen from the nominations submitted by peers/self for this category. All other 9 categories are solely chosen by peer/self nominations.
  • All nominations must be received by the July 31, 2020 11:59 p.m. deadline.

August 14th, 2020 by 6:00 p.m. the top 5 nominations (the nominees with the most nominations), from each category, will be announced here on this web page!  The nominees will be requested to attend the Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Gala, at that time the award winners will be announced and presented with the elite Halo Awards. For more information on ticket sales check back soon!

In 2019, a whopping 14,000 nominations from each category chimed in! Good luck with all your future endeavors! See you in October!

Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Categories

Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Award
To honour those that have worked diligently throughout the year to provide, inspiration, spiritual awareness and assistance in the community. This person is well-rounded in volunteering, fundraising, mentoring, and leading within our community. 
Medium Halo Award:
To honour those that practice Mediumship, respectfully and ethically, to offer exemplary service to the community by using their Medium abilities to deliver healing and validating spiritual connections.
Psychic Halo Award:
To honour those that practice Psychic services, respectfully and ethically, to offer exemplary service to the community by using their Psychic abilities to deliver spiritual connections of foresight for spiritual and personal development.
The Holistic Health Practitioner Halo Award:
To honour those that practice holistic health to promote peace and harmony with universal energies, healing of the body, mind, and spirit in areas such as: Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine including Feng Shui and more.
Coaching Professional Halo Award:
To honour those that inspire and coach those who wish to gain spiritual, personal or professional empowerment.
Spiritual Liaison Halo Award:
To honour individuals or groups that provide a Spiritual Liaison Service in order to promote and facilitate a Spiritual and Holistic Community to raise understanding and access.
This service can either support Spiritual and Holistic Practitioners or connect individuals searching for these Spiritual or Holistic services.
Spiritual Artisan Halo Award:
To honour those that have been spiritually inspired to create art, such as; jewelry, paintings, woodwork, sculptures to name a few!

Spiritual Writer/Composer Halo Award:
To honour those that have been spiritually inspirited to create writings or compositions, such as: poetry, books, blogs, music lyrics, instrumental music to name a few!
Spiritual Hypnotherapy Practitioner Award:
To honour those that facilitate a safe hypnosis or regression to identify or heal patterns, learn more about one's self through the subconscious mind.
Green Halo Award:
To honour those that have made the transition to enter into the Spiritual Profession in the last 2 years and have increasingly make a spiritual impact within their community through spiritual engagement and community involvement. 

Featured Speakers

Sherrie Dillard Psychic Medium Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards 2020

Sherrie Dillard, Psychic Medium

Sherrie Dillard is an internationally renowned psychic, medium and medical intuitive who has given over 60,000 readings world-wide. 

She is the best-selling author of ten books, including Discover Your Psychic Type, You Are A Medium and her latest book, I’ve Never Met A Dead Person I Didn’t Like. Her books have been translated into twelve languages, Sherrie's writing has appeared in national magazines such as Om-Times, Huffington Post, and on the Yahoo! home page. 

She has been featured on radio and made national news and television for her work with police detectives in the Stephanie Bennett murder cold case.

With a M.Div. in New Thought and Metaphysics, Sherrie has taught intuitive and medium development classes at Duke University and in Europe, Costa Rica and Mexico. Her passion for the fusion of intuition, spirituality and conscious self-growth has made her a popular speaker and teacher at retreats and conferences both nationally and internationally.

Speaking Topic: Mediumship


Facebook: Sherrie Dillard
Instagram:  Sherrie Dillard
Liz Throp Psychic Medium Life Coach Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards 2020

Liz Throp, Psychic Medium Life Coach

In 2011, Liz chose to devote herself to being a full-time Psychic and has never looked back. Liz is now a recognized Psychic Medium with clients around the world.

Liz has been featured on Canadian television on "The Paranormal Show" numerous times as an expert and has also been showcased regularly on a local radio morning show Country 89FM from 2015 to 2018. Liz's show "The Gifted Onez" can been found on YouTube through Giant TV Niagara. This show is dedicated to showcasing people in the metaphysical world who discuss all things from A to Z. Liz Throp and Amber Price co-host Giant TV's "The Insighters". 

Liz is a Certified Life Coach since 2017. Liz founded the organization “Psychic Kids United Inc.” with her partner Margarett Sample. Psychic Kids United Inc. is a major part of Liz's soul's plan. She knew that this was something that was missing for exceptional kids and their parents, as many have been coming to her as clients seeking assistance, and she has had much joy helping them to get a handle on their super powers.

Liz has won "The Top 10 Reader's Choice Psychic Award" through "The Hamilton Spectator" in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and is a finalist in both "Psychic" and "Life Coaching" categories for 2019. Liz is also recognized in the "Reader's Choice Awards" for Top 10 "Psychic" in the Welland Tribune, Niagara Falls Review and St Catharine's Standard. Liz won the "2019 Psychic Spiritual Excellence Halo Award", and was a finalist winner in both the "Coaching Professional" & "Medium" Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards. Liz's YouTube show "The Gifted Onez" won the "2019 Spiritual Liaison Spiritual Excellence Halo Award", and was a finalist winner in the "Spiritual Artisan" and "Spiritual Writer/Composer Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards".

Psychic Kids United Inc. won the "Spiritual Writer Composer" & "Green" Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards", and was a finalist winner in the "Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Award" category. 

Liz resides in St.Catharines, ON with her husband Andrew, she has a daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Brandon and two amazing grandchildren, Peyton and Warren, to whom she is known as "Amma". Along with the Step-mother to Ian and Ally .

Speaking Topic: Psychic Children

Instagram: Liz Throp
Psychic Kids United: Psychic Kids United

Marybeth Haines The Gal Who Speaks with Animals Animal Communicator Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards 2020

Marybeth Haines - The GAL Who Speaks With Animals

Marybeth Haines’ passion lies in making a difference for animals and their gifts to humanity. She advocates on behalf of the “language” they speak.

Since 2012, Marybeth been working professionally with animals and the humans who love them and has been recognized as a highly regarded animal communicator, pet bereavement grief specialist, ordained minister, international author and speaker.

Being an author of 3 published books, Marybeth was inspired to write her first book; The Power of Pets after the loss of her beloved cat Kitty. 

Our beloved pets communicate with us in many ways, and always with love and it has been Marybeth’s intention to help others in the healing that is needed after a loved one has passed away.

Marybeth doesn’t just communicate with animals, she also helps YOU learn how to communicate with the animals in your life and understand each other better through her workshops and private sessions. She also teaches a healing modality called Aqualead that is a wonderful companion for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with these beautiful sentient beings we call family, friends and so much more!

Marybeth is very excited to connect with you and looks forward to sharing the many gifts animals have to share as our teachers, guides and confidants.

"Animals have brought us together and I’m truly grateful for that!” ~ Marybeth Haines

Speaking Topic: Animal Communication


Facebook: thegalspeaks

Natalia Love Angelou, Goddess Extraordinaire and Love Amplifier

Natalia Love Angelou is a celebrated metaphysical teacher, international speaker,  and author best known for her work as a Women’s  Empowerment Coach and Lightworker.

A victor of a childhood full of abuse and fear, Natalia began her healing journey during her teen years, and in her early 20's, she discovered her path and purpose. As she studied mysticism, metaphysics and the laws of the Universe she started aligning to her Divine and began healing her fears and limiting beliefs. Her passion is to assist others on their healing journey, and devotes her time in learning many modalities to assist herself and others in balancing the mind, body, and spirit connections. 

Natalia is known as a teachers teacher, and a healer's healer with over hundreds of Reiki students globally. She became a Reiki Master (2003), a Certified Hypnotherapist (2004), Past Life Regression Certificate (2005),  an ordained Metaphysical Minister (2009),  Certified Metaphysical Practitioner and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science (2009). She created and copyrighted (2017) her own healing modality called "Conscious Love Healings" where she works with Goddess Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion and Unconditional love, Christ Consciousness, and her Higher Self. In this, she combines energy healing and intuitive guided visualizations taking her clients on a unique journey where they can align to their truth, sovereignty and heal themselves. 

Natalia knows she does not do the healing, she holds sacred space, where the unfoldment happens. She shares her wisdom, light and energy and when the client is ready, they truly do the work.

Founder of Sacred Breakthroughs, and is an award winner of the Readers Choice Awards in 2019, and is on the top 3bestrated in Hypnosis and in her Ministry for 2018, 2019 and 2020. She has been interviewed by many and is featured in an upcoming documentary on Love, which also features Mariam Williamson. 

Natalia continues to “level-up” with her ongoing growth and development. Even now during the Pandemic she is working on 2 courses to expand her expertise. Stay tuned! A guiding light to others, she demonstrates that through self-love, we are able to triumph over the adversities we encounter throughout our lives and step fully into the power of who we truly are.

She is also a proud mother of 4 beautiful children, and manifested her twin flame at an early age, happily married for 23 years. She truly believes in magic, happily ever afters, and creating your own reality. Nothing happens to you, it happens for you. 

Topic: Spiritual Wellness

Website: and



Featured Psychic Medium - Live Messaging Show!

Medium Jay Lane Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards 2020

Jay Lane, Medium

Internationally renowned and “Canada’s Rising Star” Psychic Medium, Jay Lane is sought after on a daily basis from her long list of celebrity A-List clientele and individuals from all over the world. Acclaimed for her accuracy, honesty and readiness to tell it like it is, Jay Lane has addressed audiences of thousands with her concise, inspirational, motivational and jaw dropping details from the spirit world.

Gifted from birth, Jay suffered a near death drowning at the age of four that raised her awareness and changed her life as a result of what she learned from the other side. Jay’s life’s mission is helping her others see life in a different light. Possessing clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance gifts, Jay uses these abilities to enlighten and change lives of those around her.

Jay has sold out every major live event she has ever performed over the past 6 years with her innately “Infectious” spirit. Jay’s warm, compassionate and charismatic energy captivates crowds of all ages.

She has hosted and been a guest on numerous top radio shows and has appeared on multiple TV shows.

Jay is currently working on her newest book, which will coincide with her inspirational and motivational card deck released in 2017. Jay embarked on her very first USA tour in 2017.

“I aspire to make a difference and bring closure to those who seek answers and signs from their loved ones. I know I’m here for that reason, we all have a soul’s journey here on earth and a subconscious knowing of our life-paths.”

“I start everyday with a happy dance and I truly feel blessed to have been chosen to be the go-between on this plane and the other side.”


Facebook: Medium Jay Lane

Instagram- Medium Jay Lane

Featured Performing Artist - Live Musical Performance!

Valerie Borghesi Singer Songwriter Recording Artist Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards 2020

Valerie Borghesi, Recording Artist

Valerie is a passionate songwriter, vocalist, performer, and recording artist from Niagara Falls, Ontario. After graduating from the Randolph Academy Triple Threat program, Valerie left the world of musical theatre in order to craft her own narratives and characters. The dynamic vocalist is locally praised in her home region as a “rising pop-star” by Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati as well as local news papers. 

Valerie was nominated in the categories of “Artist of the Year” and  “Best Female Vocalist” at the 2018 & 2019 Niagara Music Awards. 

Valerie is most recognized for her performance opening for Bryan Adams and Walk Off the Earth at the 2019 televised New Years Eve concert in Niagara Falls Canada with an audience of 60,000 people. 

Additionally, she has opened for the successful acts Ria Mae, Virginia to Vegas and Hollerado. Valerie has been making a statement through her high energy performance, red hot aesthetic, and impressive vocal abilities.

Valerie released her debut single and music video entitled, “Keep For Summer” in August 2019. It Currently has upwards of 16k views. 

Valerie has been busy in the studio preparing for her releases in 2020. Her songs pay heavy detail to story telling, bleed fearless vulnurabiltity, rich vocal tone, and are as firey as her big red curly hair.

Valerie’s songwriting skills have been too abundant to contain in her own project as she frequently collaborates and writes with/for numerous up-and-coming Toronto acts as well established ones.

Valerie’s performance and vocal abilities caught the attention of renown Vocal Coach Lorraine Lawson for CTV’s talent show, “The Launch”. Valerie is currently working as a vocal coach at Lawson Vocal Studios. She continues to be under the mentorship of Lorraine herself. Valerie also works as the performance coach of “Talent Nation,” an artist development platform for new motivated artists.

Instagram: itsvalerienow

Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Sponsorship Opportunities 

Diamond Sponsorship $2,000
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Sapphire Sponsorship $1,200

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Opal Sponsorship $200 (2 Available)
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Pearl Sponsorship $100 (2 Available)
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