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06.01.23 TO 07.31.23


  • There is no fee to make a nomination.​

  • Self-nomination is permitted. Nomination in multiple categories is permitted: each nomination counts as one vote.
  • Nominations can be made in 12 different categories as outlined below however, nominees will only be eligible to receive awards in 2 categories. If a no​minee is nominated in more than 2 categories, only the categories with the most votes for that nominee will be considered. Note: Consider what 1-2 categories are most relevant to your service and vote in those categories.
  • Each category has it's own nomination link - be sure to click the link under the category you wish to make a nomination in

    2 votes per category permitted per day -  maximum.

  • All nominees must currently be a practicing Spiritual or Holistic professional/practitioner.
  • Verification will be required to ensure award eligibility. Ensure nominations are in most relevant category, as the verification of eligibility will be required, to remain in the running for the category or award.
  • The nominee with the most votes in each category will be presented the Spiritual Excellence Halo Award trophy. In the event of a tie of votes all finalist nominees will be equally recognized. One trophy or certificate will be awarded, additional awards can be requested, a fee will apply. Note: If you have a company or a partner and would like to have more than one award, fees will apply for each additional award, this must be requested when you are notified that you have been nominated or you will only receive one award.
  • The top 3 nominees in each category will be presented with a Spiritual Excellence Halo Certificate of Excellence. In the event of a tie of votes all Top 3 nominees will be equally recognized.
  • The "Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Award" and "Murielle Boucher Memorial" and "Cliff Preston Memorial" are the ONLY categories in which Amber Price will choose the winners. The finalist will be chosen from the nominations submitted by peers/self for this category. All other 9 categories are solely chosen by peer/self nominations and the recipient of the award will be chosen based on the criteria being met.
  • Nominees will be notified no later than August 15th, 2023. Nominees must respond to the email letting us know they intend to participate or are willing to receive awards in the event they are to receive one. If the nominee does not reply they will not receive the award so that awards are not ordered and paid for if they do not wish to participate.
  • Nominees are encouraged to attend The Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Gala to receive their achievements in the presence of their peers.
  • All nominations must be received by the July 31, 2023 11:59 p.m. deadline.

Please note:

The finalists will be notified, on October 14th 2022 during the event, if they will receive a Certificate of Excellence Halo Award (awarded to top 3 nominees in each category) or the Spiritual Excellence Halo Award (awarded to top nominee in each category - based on nominations received).

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