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Communication Constipation blog by Amber Price The Clarity Expert

Communication Constipation

February 8th, 2020

Have you ever felt like saying something in response to someone’s rude remark, then decide not to? Do you ever hold back your feelings, then decide not to say the words? Have great ideas at work but decide to keep tight-lipped in fear of being rejected? If you have been there more than once, you are experiencing communication constipation!

What Causes Communication Constipation:

· Body, Mind, Soul are out of sync

· Blocks in energy centers such as blocked throat chakra

Underlying reasons:

· Life experiences

· Previous trauma

· Uncertainty of life purpose and journey or identifying with self or others

· Feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and feel no time for self care

· Frustrated with so many obstacles in our path, feeling like we are playing a loosing game

· Habit! Programmed to follow along with society regardless of our own feelings

Symptoms of Communication Constipation:

· Inability to verbally express emotions

· Lack self-confidence

· Lashing out with aggressive words or giving the silent treatment

· Neck aches

· Sore throat

· Feelings of something caught in your throat

· Difficulty swallowing

· Thyroid concerns

· Laryngitis

· Feelings of anxiousness or sadness

How to identify if you are at risk of Communication Constipation:

· Fearful of disappointing others

· Offended if others do not take your suggestions

· Difficulty finding the right words to fully express yourself

· Often avoid difficult or intimate conversations

Prevention & Treatments of Communication Constipation:

· Use the energy of water! Some examples include swimming, drinking water, bath/shower

· Eat healthy nutritious foods

· Show gratitude with small and big things in your life

· Be organized, have a plan and you will feel more productive

· Set personal goals and revisit them daily to adjust them as necessary

· Spend quality time with pets, family and friends

· Laugh

· Cry

· Sing, hum, listen to music or play an instrument

· Read aloud, automatic writing or journaling

· Enjoy art with drawing, colouring or creating

· Forgive yourself and others by releasing expectations

· Dress for success! The more confident you feel the more you will express 


· Don’t forget to breathe, in fact practice deep belly breathing

Professionals that can help:

· Medical Doctors such as your family doctor

· Therapists such as a Counsellor or Social Worker

· Holistic Healers such as Reiki, massage

· Spiritual Healers such as Mediums

· Sound Therapists

· Hypnotherapists

The ability to recognize that you are in a state of communication constipation is the first step, understanding why the blocks exist is the next step, the last step is making the decision to work towards healing and removing blockages so you can live authentically and in line with your spiritual goals for a less stressful and healthier lifestyle. Once you actively start this process your body and soul will start to ‘detox’ the blockages and you may experience cold-like symptoms, loss of voice, crying or ability to talk more freely. Enjoy the ability to express yourself more freely without communication constipation!

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