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Clarity Academy Guidelines

•Bring an open mind!

•Be thoughtful of others

•This is a safe learning environment, positive comments or affirmations are welcomed as we support and elevate each other!

•Negative comments, behaviour, or cyber bullying will result in immediate removal from the Clarity Academy

•The Clarity Academy is a medium to facilitate learning, please do not request readings. Readings are not part of this curriculum

•This is a community of like-minded people who elevate and support each other on their spiritual journey, discussion and participation are encouraged to achieve maximum benefits of the spiritual membership site

•Lessons will be released every week. Upon registration you will have access to the first lesson and every 7 days thereafter, you will have access to the next lesson. Lessons may include a variety of different learning tools such as educational materials, videos, assessments, PDF downloadable documents, PowerPoint presentations etc.

•Webinars will be available and will be led by Amber, featuring other leaders in the spiritual community for inclusive learning

•All files are property of Amber Price/Clarity Academy and are not to be posted, reproduced, or embedded/linked to without permission (refer to terms of service, disclaimer, and privacy policy in the links at the bottom of this page)

•All membership sales final, no refunds after enrollment, due to the nature of the spiritual membership site and educational content

•If a membership is purchased using an installment payment, the lifetime access is guaranteed upon completion of the full tuition. If withdrawal from Clarity Academy occurs, and is prior to the tuition being paid in full, membership access will be removed

•By choosing to enroll in the membership you agree to the membership guidelines, terms of service, privacy policy and disclaimer as outlined for the use of this Site and membership benefits

•Enjoy your journey, you have enough time in your life to complete the purpose you are meant to experience, trust in yourself!

See you inside,


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