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Spiritual Excellence Halo Gala, The Sapphire Association

Spiritual Growth Coach, Life Coach, Host of Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards

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Becoming a member of ‘Amber’ is an easy process, you can enroll and start learning and taking advantage of educational resources immediately!

  • Email Amber the following information to complete enrollment ([email protected]):
    • Full name
    • Date of birth (used for birthday message if applicable)
    • Email address (used for all membership communication)
    • Confirmation of PayPal payment
  • Upon us receiving payment, your choice of membership type and information above; you will receive a ‘Welcome’ email from Amber
  • Connect with Amber on her social media platforms for the most inclusive experience:
  • Once you have followed/liked the above social media platforms, send a request to the “Amber Membership” group on Facebook, you will then be added to the private group to start your spiritual growth journey with ‘Amber’ Membership!

Membership Guidelines

  • Bring an open mind!
  • Be thoughtful of others
  • This is a safe learning environment, positive comments or affirmations are welcomed as we support and elevate each other!
    • Negative comments or behaviour will result in removal from the ‘Amber’ Membership
  • ‘Amber’ membership is a medium to facilitate learning, please do not request readings. Readings are not part of this curriculum

  • This is a community of like-minded people who elevate and support each other on their spiritual journeys, discussion and participation are encouraged!
  • Resources will be posted regularly by Amber to facilitate an organized learning environment. Feel free to post related items in the discussion forum if you find it may be helpful to other members, however, please limit posting to once a week.
  • All files are property of Amber Price and are not to be posted, reproduced or embedded/linked to without permission.
  • All membership sales final, no refunds after enrollment
  • By choosing to enroll in the membership, you agree to the membership terms and guidelines as outlined
  • Enjoy your journey, you have enough time in your life to complete the purpose you are meant to experience, trust in yourself!


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