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Are You At Risk For Communication Constipation?

Posted on 8 February, 2020 at 9:15 Comments comments (0)


Have you ever felt like saying something in response to someone’s rude remark, then decide not to? Do you ever hold back your feelings, then decide not to say the words? Have great ideas at work but decide to keep tight-lipped in fear of being rejected? If you have been there more than once, you are experiencing communication constipation!



What Causes Communication Constipation:


· Body, Mind, Soul are out of sync


· Blocks in energy centers such as blocked throat chakra



Underlying reasons:


· Life experiences


· Previous trauma


· Uncertainty of life purpose and journey or identifying with self or others


· Feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and feel no time for self care


· Frustrated with so many obstacles in our path, feeling like we are playing a loosing game


· Habit! Programmed to follow along with society regardless of our own feelings


Symptoms of Communication Constipation:


· Inability to verbally express emotions


· Lack self-confidence


· Lashing out with aggressive words or giving the silent treatment


· Neck aches


· Sore throat


· Feelings of something caught in your throat


· Difficulty swallowing


· Thyroid concerns


· Laryngitis


· Feelings of anxiousness or sadness



How to identify if you are at risk of Communication Constipation:


· Fearful of disappointing others


· Offended if others do not take your suggestions


· Difficulty finding the right words to fully express yourself


· Often avoid difficult or intimate conversations



Prevention & Treatments of Communication Constipation:


· Use the energy of water! Some examples include swimming, drinking water, bath/shower


· Eat healthy nutritious foods


· Show gratitude with small and big things in your life


· Be organized, have a plan and you will feel more productive


· Set personal goals and revisit them daily to adjust them as necessary


· Spend quality time with pets, family and friends


· Laugh


· Cry


· Sing, hum, listen to music or play an instrument


· Read aloud, automatic writing or journaling


· Enjoy art with drawing, colouring or creating


· Forgive yourself and others by releasing expectations


· Dress for success! The more confident you feel the more you will express yourself


· Don’t forget to breathe, in fact practice deep belly breathing



Professionals that can help:


· Medical Doctors such as your family doctor


· Therapists such as a Counsellor or Social Worker


· Holistic Healers such as Reiki, massage



· Spiritual Healers such as Mediums


· Sound Therapists


· Hypnotherapists



The ability to recognize that you are in a state of communication constipation is the first step, understanding why the blocks exist is the next step, the last step is making the decision to work towards healing and removing blockages so you can live authentically and in line with your spiritual goals for a less stressful and healthier lifestyle. Once you actively start this process your body and soul will start to ‘detox’ the blockages and you may experience cold-like symptoms, loss of voice, crying or ability to talk more freely. Enjoy the ability to express yourself more freely without communication constipation!

7 Tips to Setting Boundaries & How to Identify You Need Them

Posted on 25 January, 2020 at 10:50 Comments comments (0)

We have passwords on everything from emails, laptops, phones, bank cards etc. all to protect our privacy and information. We even protect our homes and cars with burglar alarms, our property with fencing and signage, our snowy side walks with salt, the physical health of ourselves and our pets with vaccines and physical exams. Today, privacy and security are mainstream and essential, so why would we be so careless with something as critical as our energy? Living life pleasing others, agreeing to things we do not want to do, over-extending our self, not standing up for our self when someone makes us feel uncomfortable are all signs that we need to set boundaries. This can leave us feeling exhausted, overstimulated, dehydrated, irritable, angry, resentful, generally unwell. Many of us may feel obligated to share our energy with our loved ones, or fearful of losing their jobs, or judged by friends and guilty which prevents us from creating healthy boundaries. The key is to understand how to set boundaries when you cannot physically see the energetic space you are trying to protect.

Here are 7 tips to creating healthy boundaries and the benefits to our spiritual, mental and physical well-being:

• Be grounded

o Have a support system in place to help you enforce your boundaries

o Feel safe and release fears of abandonment for setting boundaries

o Spend time in nature, keep plants at home and work

o Practice yoga, deep breathing and meditation

 It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing increased lower back pain, bone/joint issues, colon or prostate concerns, resistance to starting new things, and insecurity about living arrangements, nutrition or finances.

• Do something you like

o Accept your needs and desires are important

o Release feelings of guilt when setting boundaries

o Integrate a personal interest activity daily, even for 10 minutes

o Spend time near water, swimming, bath/showers, fountains or simply sitting by a body of water

o Experience the emotional or physical intimacy of relationships

o Practice yoga, aromatherapy and meditation

 It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing reproductive or urinary concerns, avoid social events or intimate situations and retreat from just about everything and have a hard time accepting new experiences or people into your life.

• Use the ‘fire in your belly’

o Do things that you have drive and ambition to achieve

o Allow yourself to accept your personal power and value your self-worth

o Release shame associated with setting boundaries

o Eat a healthy diet filled with high vibration foods such as veggies and fruits

o Surround yourself with positive people or things as much as possible

o Include exercise into your daily routine such as jogging, walking, cardio work-out

o Try holistic healing such as reiki

 It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing digestion, liver, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas concerns, feelings of avoiding emotions or people and running from problems, have experienced a traumatic experience in the past, have an eating disorder or negative relationship with food, feel critical and judgmental towards others.

• Love more

o Surround yourself with love and self care

o Be understanding and patient with yourself and others

o Compassion through the love of pets, plants or children

o Do things out of love, not guilt or responsibility

o Give and take. You must give love and receive love equally

o Process the emotions of sadness or grief

o Experience healing touch, massage, reiki, laughter, deep breathing, meditation, hugs

o Spend time in nature

 It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing heart, upper back, breast, lung, blood, circulation concerns, feelings of grief and sadness that are unresolved, neglect yourself, own all the negative things that happen around you.

• Speak up

o Feel confident to express your feelings, needs and desires

o Practice speaking your truth through expression

o Have more meaningful conversations

o Set future goals

o Be more creative

o Be forgiving

o Surround yourself with music, humming, drumming, singing, dancing, art, pottery

 It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing neck, thyroid, ear, throat concerns, feelings of a constricted throat, trouble standing up for yourself, trouble accepting advice from others.

• Trust yourself

o Listen to your intuition

o Trust your moral compass to direct you on the right path

o Use your imagination to create positive solutions

o Meditate

 It is time to set boundaries if you experience headaches, nightmares, constantly thinking, concerns with your eyes, vision, nose, sinuses, ears, brain, the pituitary gland, cerebellum, central nervous system.

• Live authentically

o Investigate areas of your life lacking or abundant in fulfillment

o Give yourself time to have clarity on your life’s plans

o Explore your life’s purpose set it in motion

o Connect to the universe and energy of Higher Self to provide insight and wisdom

o Spend time in the sun

o Practice gratitude for non-material things in life

o Surround yourself with meaningful activities and people that are working towards the greater good, such as volunteering or fundraising

 It is time to set boundaries if you experience stress, headaches, obsessive thoughts, feelings of boredom, anxiety, depressive moods, trouble concentrating, feelings of exclusion, fear or not connecting to a higher purpose.



Everyday, more importance is placed on the health and wellness of our body, mind and soul and holistic healing and mindfulness is becoming widely accepted. Listening to what our body, mind and soul is telling us is vital to maintaining a healthy balance and setting boundaries.


6 Reasons Spiritually Awakened People Keep To Themselves

Posted on 21 January, 2020 at 13:00 Comments comments (0)

It’s a common misconception among spiritually awakened people that we’d ‘dislike people or people are the enemy’ and want to ‘hide from the world and stay at our home base’. In fact, the opposite is true, spiritually awakened people truly love and care for so many things that it becomes overwhelming and we tend to ‘withdraw’. Humans are often the first thing that we retreat from and essentially, we engage in our passion for animals and/or the environment. A spiritual awakening happens over our lifetime, however, it really comes down to that one profound moment where you realize you have found yourself and because you can finally see yourself and your journey, you now have a deeper understanding, compassion and empathy for yourself, in reality, everyone and everything! That ‘ah-ha’ moment is euphoric and just like anything that makes us feel euphoria, you do not want anything or anyone to drop a bomb on it, therefore, we would rather retreat.

There are many reasons why spiritually awakened people keep to themselves, but here are the top 6:


1. Discomfort – We pick up on all energy. That means if someone is in a foul mood, they are making us uncomfortable, it is that easy! We won’t own your mood, although some of us can, but we will know by your energy that something is ‘off’. Depending on the relationship we have with the person, we may try to understand what is happening or we may remove ourselves from your energy.


2. Overload – Everything, I mean everything, has energy! A spiritually awakened person, especially newly awakened, will feel everything around them. We become overloaded with ‘life’ events and emotions, reminding us to set boundaries with our energy such as; how much and with whom we share our energy. We will avoid high emotion situations as the up and down of energy becomes very difficult on the health of the body, mind and soul.


3. Truth & Trust – We look to trust authentic and genuine people we want to share our time and energy with. The people that understand our need to chat about meaningful and profound topics. Trusting we can share our life’s mission and not be accused of seeing life through rose coloured glasses. Practicing a lifestyle of gratitude is just as easy as seeing the negative in the world, this is all perception. We are in tune with the energy of those who ‘put on a face’, we can hear what you are not saying, trusting our intuition, therefore, making us feel like we need to remove ourselves.


4. Connection – We have a connection deep within our soul that is triggered when people we need in our lives cross our path. We can feel like we have known someone for our whole life, just by connecting to their energy for a moment. This works both ways, we also use our intuition to trust when you should not be in someone’s path. Our soul longs to find the people we need in our life, so we can experience our mission. We are more forgiving and compassionate to these people because we see them for what their soul is, not their human errors. If we see you trying, this means you are still connecting on a deeper level than others.


5. Marching Forward- We must see forward progress in our own life and in humanity. The energy it takes to dwell on things that have already happened, takes away from the energy it takes to create progress. Spiritually awakened people want to focus on ‘now’ and how the future can be better. We will remove ourselves from relationships that keep us trapped in the past and won’t want to hear complaints that go unresolved. Most of us want to make a difference, big or small, to the world around us, becoming leaders, healers and the like.


6. Survival - Solitude is now a survival mechanism to the spiritually awakened. Reflecting within and releasing energy are necessary and vital to a healthy body, mind and soul. We look for signs showing that we are on the right path, we listen to our Higher Self for guidance, we listen to what our body is telling us, we practice mindfulness and mediation, to just “BE”, all in an effort to be the most authentic version of ourselves.




Spiritual awakenings can happen to all of us, at any point along our journey and may happen more than once in our lifetimes, although, it is not uncommon for some people to feel they’ve never had this experience. We will always be surrounded by people who are meant to come along for the ride or those who remind you of the wrong turn. Spiritually awakened people do not hold a higher rank than others, we are all doing the best we can at different times in our lives. Each of us are here to experience a different mission and will often be gravitated to our spiritual squad who will help us along the way. Just like everything else, change can be counted on, therefore our squad may fluctuate, depending on your life’s mission, at any given time. Ultimately, you are in command of your life’s journey and will always look within for your own inner guidance and wisdom. Simply knowing you have experienced, or are experiencing a spiritual awakening, will help you accept your path in order to forge ahead.



Messages Written To Music

Posted on 5 July, 2015 at 11:45 Comments comments (1)

Some of us look for messages to be given directly, while messages usually come to us indirectly through images, thoughts, co-incidences. Once you know how you are communicating with spirit, your life will never be the same!

When this well-known musician came to see me for his reading, he was not sure what to expect but, was sure he would enjoy an "hour of the unknown"! After talking to his friend, who had just had a session with me recently, he thought he would be in for a great day and a brief break away from his responsibilities. Let's be honest, in his profession, he can be pulled in millions of directions and is always "on" for the public eye. This day was going to be all about him, what he did not expect was that his world was about to change forever. He was taking the reading in stride and validating messages, it wasn't until his father's soul made a stage presence that this was a show stopper!

His father provided intense and profound healing when he began to explain how he helped his son write a song. You see, this musician has a specific genre, but there was a particular song that he explains "came out of left field" and it was not his usual style. So, as I spoke the last verse, of the "not yet released" song, this musician found the reason he had created this song. In that moment he realized his song was written by his father on the "other side". It was apparent to the musician, this song was his father's message to his son. This father could not bring himself to speak the words to his son in life, but made sure he had the opportunity for his message to reach him - through music.

Inspiring, life changing messages written to music.

It is safe to say, this day was all about the musician, the man, the son - his whole and Higher Self. Music has always been an outlet for emotion and a connection to humanity, but now music has a whole new way of healing. It is a reminder that musicians, authors, artists etc. are connecting to intuitive messages. Healing is found in many ways, but always through love!