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In that moment, just before you think you are ready, is the right time to take a risk.

Amber Price - Clarity Coach

Amber Price The Clarity Expert, Psychic Medium, Healer, Empath, Psychic Course, Spiritual Educator, Speaker, About Amber Price

Amber Price is one of Canada's top Psychic Mediums and Clarity Coach, highly sought-after, with an international clientele and is in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Amber's sessions are designed to help you gain clarity on life's most important experiences, so you can discover your passion and purpose and connect authentically in relationships and career! Amber provides insight using her intuitive abilities, to help you find the clarity and confidence needed to mindfully live your authentic life's purpose with clarity.

Amber is an Inspirational Speaker and can captivate audiences with powerful and inspiring talks. Amber is motivational, informative, and can share new perspectives profoundly. Amber is passionate about speaking on topics of empowerment and leadership, to help others find and use their voice to align to their purpose. Amber is often featured as an expert on radio, television & live events. 

Amber is the Co-Host of Giant TV’s video podcast "The Insighters". Amber Price and Liz Throp offer unscripted conversation between the two, about what life is really like as a Psychic Medium. Recently, Amber was the host of "Sapphire Souls", a Moonstruck TV & A1R Radio Production, Amber provided education and insight into Spiritual topics, as one of Canada's Top Psychic Mediums.

As the host of the "Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards"(TM), Amber's goal is to honour and acknowledge the spiritual success of individuals and groups that continue to make an impact in the Spiritual Community at an annual Gala! 

Psychic Medium Amber Price and Spiritual Medium Mary-Anne Kennedy collaborated to offer 'The Canadian Mediumship Summit', featuring Canada’s Top Mediums and Spiritual Educators coming together to provide profound information, insight, and connection to help empower those interested in Mediumship.

Amber Price The Clarity Expert, Psychic Medium, Healer, Empath, Psychic Course, Spiritual Educator, Speaker, About Amber Price

Amber is inspired to offer an exclusive online membership community, "Clarity Academy"(TM), to provide reliable information and resources to empower you, as you explore and enhance your own intuitive abilities, to mindfully live your most authentic life’s purpose, whether for personal or professional development!

Psychic Medium Amber has joined forces with Medium Jay Lane, and The Soul Expert Liz Throp to offer up and coming Holistic Healers and Light Workers, 'The Psychic Associates', an educational platform to empower and educate them, to start or grow, their own holistic business. 

Amber's passion, as a Spiritual Educator, has inspired her create psychic courses, and e-books so you have the tools readily available, to help you uncover the areas of growth, transformation, and enlightenment in your personal experience. As you navigate through Amber's workbook you will be challenged to consider what experiences have shaped you and to ask yourself meaningful questions to receive personal insight.

Amber is a member of "Spiritual Niagara", a community that allows her to meet others in the spiritual industry. Recently, Amber was a Speaker at the "Women of Wisdom 2019" event, held by Spiritual Niagara, and was presented an award: "Women of Wisdom 2019 Medium".

Amber's passion is to provide others with the clarity and insight, that their souls need, to help them mindfully take notice of the signs, to achieve their personal and spiritual goals, to mindfully live their most authentic life.

Amber is inspired by people who do extraordinary work for others and often participates in community events and fundraising initiatives, with the loving support of her husband, children, and grandbabies.

Amber Price Clarity Coach Spiritual Niagara Member
Amber Price Clarity Coach Spiritual Niagara Partner
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