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7 Tips to Setting Boundaries blog by Amber Price The Clarity Expert

7 Tips to Setting Boundaries & How to Identify You Need Them

January 25th, 2020

We have passwords on everything from emails, laptops, phones, bank cards etc. all to protect our privacy and information. We even protect our homes and cars with burglar alarms, our property with fencing and signage, our snowy side walks with salt, the physical health of ourselves and our pets with vaccines and physical exams. Today, privacy and security are mainstream and essential, so why would we be so careless with something as critical as our energy? Living life pleasing others, agreeing to things we do not want to do, over-extending our self, not standing up for our self when someone makes us feel uncomfortable are all signs that we need to set boundaries. This can leave us feeling exhausted, overstimulated, dehydrated, irritable, angry, resentful, generally unwell. Many of us may feel obligated to share our energy with our loved ones, or fearful of losing their jobs, or judged by friends and guilty which prevents us from creating healthy boundaries. The key is to understand how to set boundaries when you cannot physically see the energetic space you are trying to protect.

Here are 7 tips to creating healthy boundaries and the benefits to our spiritual, mental and physical well-being:

Be grounded

  • Have a support system in place to help you enforce your boundaries
  • Feel safe and release fears of abandonment for setting boundaries
  • Spend time in nature, keep plants at home and work
  • Practice yoga, deep breathing and meditation
It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing increased lower back pain, bone/joint issues, colon or prostate concerns, resistance to starting new things, and insecurity about living arrangements, nutrition or finances

Do something you like

Accept your needs and desires are important

Release feelings of guilt when setting boundaries

Integrate a personal interest activity daily, even for 10 minutes

Spend time near water, swimming, bath/showers, fountains or simply sitting by a body of water

Experience the emotional or physical intimacy of relationships

Practice yoga, aromatherapy and meditation

It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing reproductive or urinary concerns, avoid social events or intimate situations and retreat from just about everything and have a hard time accepting new experiences or people into your life.

Use the ‘fire in your belly’

Do things that you have drive and ambition to achieve

Allow yourself to accept your personal power and value your self-worth

Release shame associated with setting boundaries

Eat a healthy diet filled with high vibration foods such as veggies and fruits

Surround yourself with positive people or things as much as possible

Include exercise into your daily routine such as jogging, walking, cardio work-out

Try holistic healing such as reiki

It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing digestion, liver, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas concerns, feelings of avoiding emotions or people and running from problems, have experienced a traumatic experience in the past, have an eating disorder or negative relationship with food, feel critical and judgmental towards others.

Love more

Surround yourself with love and self care

Be understanding and patient with yourself and others

Compassion through the love of pets, plants or children

Do things out of love, not guilt or responsibility

Give and take. You must give love and receive love equally

Process the emotions of sadness or grief

Experience healing touch, massage, reiki, laughter, deep breathing, meditation, hugs

Spend time in nature

It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing heart, upper back, breast, lung, blood, circulation concerns, feelings of grief and sadness that are unresolved, neglect yourself, own all the negative things that happen around you.

Speak up

Feel confident to express your feelings, needs and desires

Practice speaking your truth through expression

Have more meaningful conversations

Set future goals

Be more creative

Be forgiving

Surround yourself with music, humming, drumming, singing, dancing, art, pottery

It is time to set boundaries if you are experiencing neck, thyroid, ear, throat concerns, feelings of a constricted throat, trouble standing up for yourself, trouble accepting advice from others.

Trust yourself

Listen to your intuition

Trust your moral compass to direct you on the right path

Use your imagination to create positive solutions


It is time to set boundaries if you experience headaches, nightmares, constantly thinking, concerns with your eyes, vision, nose, sinuses, ears, brain, the pituitary gland, cerebellum, central nervous system.

Live authentically

Investigate areas of your life lacking or abundant in fulfillment

Give yourself time to have clarity on your life’s plans

Explore your life’s purpose set it in motion

Connect to the universe and energy of Higher Self to provide insight and wisdom

Spend time in the sun

Practice gratitude for non-material things in life

Surround yourself with meaningful activities and people that are working towards the greater good, such as volunteering or fundraising

It is time to set boundaries if you experience stress, headaches, obsessive thoughts, feelings of boredom, anxiety, depressive moods, trouble concentrating, feelings of exclusion, fear or not connecting to a higher purpose.

Everyday, more importance is placed on the health and wellness of our body, mind and soul and holistic healing and mindfulness is becoming widely accepted. Listening to what our body, mind and soul is telling us is vital to maintaining a healthy balance and setting boundaries.

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